Wineries Selection

For over  twenty  years we have been  sourcing the best wineries in the south of France  and have persuaded some of them to work with us, seeking out future stars, the finest Côte-Rôtie or Châteauneuf-du-Pape, without forgetting  wines from Côtes-du-Rhône, Languedoc and the elegant rosés of Provence.

We keep up to date with all the vinification, taste wines at each stage of  development, be they destemmed or old school whole cluster vintages, aged in barrels, in old foudres or cement vessels, enjoyed in  a « canon»,  the famous glass enjoyed briefly at the counter of a café or bistrot, or bottles to be laid down.

Vintage after vintage, we have put together a wide and amazing selection in our portfolio dating back to 1999!

The Rhône Valley

We particularly like the wines from the north of the Rhône Valley which are beginning to resemble the ones from Burgundy – with steep sloping vineyards in the granite terroir of Saint-Joseph and Cornas, the schist vineyards of Côte-Rôtie and the terraced vineyards of Pont d’Isère, small wineries where wines are in limited supply and expensive. Hence the creation of our “Northern” stock (Côté Nord) which enables us to allow our best Syrah to mature by buying our allocations in stages, allowing them to age and being able to offer a wide choice from the best wineries from one source.

Châteauneuf-du-Pape and its 3231 hectares is our playground – we collaborate with 25 wineries because beyond the famous image of the rounded pebbles from La Crau, “Château”  as the locals call it, is an incredible mosaic of terroirs which we know inside out : from the sandy soil of Courthézon to the pebbled plateaus, the red sandstone and diverse clays, all so complex, worked and blended with the immense talent of our winemakers in so many different styles.

The potential for discovery is infinite in the south, from the terroirs of the Dentelles of Gigondas, the pebbled plateaus of Lirac, the clays of Cairanne and Rasteau, the garrigues of Vacqueyras to the sloped vineyards of Visan and Valréas.  Combinations are boundless, be it ripe, spicy, smooth Grenache, the floral tart black berries of Syrah, the highly structured Mourvèdre, crisp, fresh Cinsault……. The blending possibilities are endless.

The Languedoc

Beyond the natural intensity emanating from the hot, dry climate, crispness and elegant tannins are what we look for in our selections. The blending of complex aromas and elegance of texture is an ambitious aim. We often go for very simply vinted cuvées, without extracting or oaking. This often brings us to high-lying vineyards like the « Terrasses du Larzac », le Pic Saint Loup, Limoux or even the Hautes Corbières. The maritime vineyards of coastal Fitou or La Clape are also ideal for preserving acidity which is absolutely necessary in the balance of the wines we appreciate.


Producing a great fruity, crisp, thirst-quenching rosé to sip outdoors and to end the day with a summer barbeque sounds ideal, however it is not so easy to find! It’s not only about the right color and attractive labelling – a good rosé requires intact, healthy grapes and clever blending in order to optimize the balance of aromas and alcohol.