Market trends

Always bear in mind that each market is different- you must offer a relevant choice and give people what they want. We have to adapt our selections in terms of type of wine, its presentation and price. We must follow trends while maintaining contact with traditional channels. We help our producers to understand the market so they will commit to long-term partnerships while respecting commercial networks and price structure. We already do this on a daily basis, motivated by our passion for wine with the help of a caring professional team keen to satisfy your demands. Thank you for your business!

Samplings and Tastings

We can send samples by express service. We are present at wine shows and tastings organized by our clients.


We supply our clients with data sheets, lab analysis, descriptions of wineries, bottle shots, accolades obtained and international press-cuttings. We customize labels, back labels specific to each country, cases with specific logos, barcodes, etc.

Trade –Shows

We participate in the main international trade shows and wine fairs like Prowein and Vinexpo (in France or in Hong Kong).

Visits/wine tours

We organize winery tours and tastings for our clients on site or in our offices. We organize schedules for our visitors and help find them hotels, restaurants, etc., during their stay.


We deal with your orders, check the availability of vintages and the desired packaging, labels and type of pallets, plan deliveries according to the wineries, clients’ pick-up wishes and the constraints of the forwarders.


We organize, prepare, and help anticipate and simplify all the legal export/import documentation and paperwork necessary so that our clients’ orders are delivered as expected and in a timely manner. 

We can supply wines to more than 30 countries while anticipating market changes and the specific requirements of our clients.