Nos Vins du Sud – literally Our Southern Wines, is continuing the business on a new adventure full of rich and diverse opportunities. !

Bruno Lafon : CEO

Tel : +33 467 36 01 71

Email : brunolafon@nosvinsdusud.com

Bruno Lafon

First of all, I have a fondness for the south of France, from the Languedoc and Roussillon areas to the Rhône Valley and beautiful Provence.

The South is a multifaceted region where mountains, the Mediterranean Sea, alluvial plains and rough and stony hillsides coexist. Here the weather is extreme and challenging with painfully cold winters and unbearable summer heat. Second, I appreciate the local winemakers who with strength, tenacity, courage and outside-of-the-box thinking have settled the region on the map of reputable wines despite the scorn they suffered from for ages.

I thrive upon their motivation to preserve their environment, which factually translates into a record number of organically conducted vineyards. Now, Nos Vins du Sud – literally Our Southern Wines, is continuing the business on a new adventure full of rich and diverse opportunities.

François Chamboissier

Born in the legendary village of Léognan, bottle-fed with Vouvray and Bordeaux, it’s been 30 years since I have settled in the South and been making a living out of my true passion!

For the last 3 decades, I have visited a countless number of wineries, listened to vintners and their stories, shared their thoughts and sometimes misfortunes.

Wine is all about sharing – my job is to present this to the world, so that vintage after vintage, you can get astute portraits, precious moments and real slices of lives lived in an extraordinary wine country.

Our southern wine selection has improved over the years and I am sure we can please any bistro style listing so as any demanding sommelier.

François Chamboissier : Associé, Responsable Export Suisse, Grande-Bretagne, Scandinavie

Tel : +33 630 24 89 37

Email : francoischamboissier@nosvinsdusud.com

Camille Ducellier : Responsable Export Europe, Océanie

Tel : +33 685 15 71 74

Email : camilleducellier@nosvinsdusud.com

Camille Ducellier

I am very happy to be part of the NVDS Team. Daughter to a Languedoc winemaker father, I share the values of the company and its constant search for quality wines.
I thrive on promoting unique vintners who have a strong identity thus making the difference in a saturated market place. It is precisely this point which enables us to work with the best and most efficient European importers. It is our strength and the true core business. And I love it !

Matt Jammes

With experience in Languedoc and Provence, and working for medium to large privately owned estates, I joined NVDS to challenge my work experiences, among an incredible team boosted by ambitious goals and managed by everyone’s talent and energy.
Ideas come from all sides and projects make sense through a diverse and unique portfolio driven by quality, with a sense of continuity and innovation that is necessary for all sustainable development. It’s fun to work in such a challenging environment!

Matt Jammes : Responsable Export USA, Canada, Asie

Tel : +33 770 09 40 96

Email : mattjammes@nosvinsdusud.com