Côté Nord (Northern Corner)


For thirty years we have been visiting the length and breadth of the northern Rhône. We have the utmost admiration for the spectacular work of the winemakers on these steep hillsides and have an excellent relationship with the best. As you know, supply is limited and the demand world-wide is growing. So, we have decided to group our allocations in order to present a selection from small wineries with the possibility of offering rare and sought –after vintages on mixed pallets.

Domaine Gérard Courbis

Domaine Jean-Claude Marsanne

Domaine Belle

Domaine Du Colombier

Domaine Marc Sorrel

Domaine Lionnet

Domaine Vincent Paris

Domaine Nicolas Badel

Domaine Courbis

Domaine Vallet

Domaine Verset

Domaine Mouton

Dumien Serrette

Domaine Lionnet

Domaine Yann Chave

Domaine Vernay

Domaine des Rémizières

Domaine Barge

Domaine Bonnefond

Vignobles Levet

Domaine François

Domaine François Merlin

Domaine Rostaing